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"They key to great ideas is not having them, it is executing them. And great ideas come from problems. As designers we call problems, briefs and we call reaction to problems, concepts".

Kate Moross

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Get People's Opinions

Critiques is the first way to improve your design as a graphic designer. By receiving critiques, you are utilizing the resources around you to gain different perspectives about your art. This helps to judge the design without any bias and give you time to learn and come up with new ideas to add to the design.

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Thumbnail Sketches

Before you get on your computer to design, you should first get out a piece of paper and pencil and start drawing some ideas. This is what you call making a Thumbnail Sketch. This allows the designer to organize and come up with ideas before hand so they are prepared to design in the app efficiently. 

Becoming a Designer: Bio

Having Fun

The third and most important step of becoming a great graphic designer is to have fun while doing your work. Most designers fail to understand the fun aspect and keep wearing themselves down. Designing is free and so long as it follows the boundaries of what you want,  you are allowed to do anything.

Becoming a Designer: Bio
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